Ukrainian ambassador to Serbia: Rumors growing about Kiev recognizing Kosovo



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The Ambassador of Ukraine to Serbia, Volodymyr Tolkach, said on Tuesday that in Ukrainian society voices are growing more and more for the recognition of the independence of Kosovo, and that a certain number of deputies in the Parliament of Ukraine are supporting the position for the recognition of possible of Kosovo.

However, Tolkach emphasized that Ukraine’s position on the recognition of Kosovo remains unchanged, because the issue of “creating and implementing foreign policy in accordance with Ukrainian legislation belongs to the president of Ukraine.”

Ukraine does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, declared in February 2008.

Tolkach made these comments after an interview of the chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Ukrainian Parliament, Oleksandr Merezhko, for the T7 channel in Kosovo.

Merezhko had said on August 7 that “the recognition of Kosovo by Ukraine is being discussed in Kiev.”

In a press release on August 8, Tolkach underlined that “it is particularly important for Ukraine to respect and ensure the protection of the norms of international law by all states, especially regarding territorial integrity and the inviolability of state borders internationally recognized”.

“Ukraine’s position is principled and stable – Ukraine respects Serbia’s territorial integrity,” said Ambassador Tolkach’s statement.

But, Toklach said that the leadership of Kosovo “has taken a clear stance on condemning the Russian aggression against Ukraine, especially by sanctioning the aggressor”.

He admitted that it is no surprise that voices are growing more and more in Ukrainian society in support of recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

“Ukraine, as a democratic country that respects freedom of speech, cannot limit the expression of the opinion of other politicians, the professional circle or the public”, he emphasized.

Tolkach underlined that Serbia, although it declares support for Ukraine, is developing active political dialogue and economic cooperation with Russia.

“Therefore, we again call on Serbia, the candidate for EU membership, to harmonize its foreign policy, especially regarding the aggression of the Russian Federation against another candidate country – Ukraine, in accordance with the common position of the European family,” said Tolkach.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Belgrade has called on Serbia in the past to join the sanctions against Russia, due to the invasion of Ukraine.