Vucic addresses Serbs: Why didn’t I sign in Ohrid



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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, a day after the dialogue between Belgrade and Prishtina in Ohrid, addressed the Serbian public and read the content of the Appeal for the implementation of the agreement on the path towards the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Vucic emphasized that Serbia is ready to cooperate up to the red lines, but that he has not signed anything, writes Euronews Serbia.

“Yesterday we had a round of dialogue that the European and world powers made very prominent and important in the media.

Negotiations, of course, are never easy and simple when it comes to the parties who are unfortunately still against each other and often have conflicting interests,” said Vucic.

He emphasized that Serbia no longer depends only on the goodwill of Prishtina, while underlining that his red lines are “the opposition to the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state and Kosovo’s membership in the UN”.

“I did not sign because Serbia is an internationally recognized country and Kosovo is not for me. And I don’t want to make an international legal agreement with the Republic of Kosovo”, said Vučič.



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