Who will you vote for on May 14? This is how the citizens of Tirana respond



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The number of citizens of the capital who on May 14 want to elect Erion Veliaj as the mayor of Tirana has increased by 0.2%, from 45.6%  – according to findings published by the Barometer poll on Euronews Albania in February to 45.8% in March.

Meanwhile, there was also a 3.8% increase in the number of citizens who said they will vote for Belind Kellici on May 14, from 21% in February to 23.8% in March.

In these calculations made by the Barometer, in one month the number of citizens who said they will not vote at all decreased from 9% in February to 8.5% in March.

Likewise, the number of residents who have yet to decide who they will vote for on May 14 has also decreased, from 22.1% in February to 19.8% in March.



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