6 dead and 700 infected with COVID-19 in Albania

COVID-designated hospital in Tirana, Albania. Credits: LSA

In the last 24 hours, 6 citizens lost their lives to COVID-19 in Albania and 700 others were infected.

The number of fatalities since the beginning of the pandemic in our country has gone up to 3 399.

In addition, a total of 251.477 citizens have recovered so far, of which 1.048 did so in the past 24 hours.

At the moment, there is a total of 11.540 active patients in our country, 123 of whom have been hospitalized and 12 are exhibiting serious forms of the virus.

The ministry of health has continued its calls on all citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

All citizens over the age of 16 can get a vaccine in our country, as well as children over the age of 12, provided that they show proof that they suffer from an autoimmune disease and have a doctor’s recommendation.

The ministry also called all those who have gotten their second shot more than 6 months ago, to head to the closest health clinic to get their third booster shot.

“Wearing a mask is obligatory in all indoor spaces. Avoid large gatherings and ventilate places you work/study in, so that you can limit the spread of COVID-19,” – said the notice.