7 dead and 1001 others infected due to COVID-19

COVID hospital in Tirana, Albania

7 citizens died due to COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, whereas 1001 new cases were confirmed as a result of the coronavirus.

New cases were discovered as a result of 3.956 tests conducted nationwide, which also confirmed that 1.803 citizens have successfully recovered during this same timeframe.

There are currently 16.427 active cases in Albania, 128 of whom have been hospitalized and 23 are exhibiting severe forms of the virus.

The ministry of health has continued its appeal with citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible, while also urging them to comply with all anti-COVID restrictions.

All citizens over the age of 16 can get vaccinated in any of the health centers or vaccination clinics closest to them. Children over the age of 12 who suffer from auto-immune diseases and have a doctor’s recommendation can also get a vaccine in our country.