‘Below the poverty line’, 450 thousand citizens in N.Macedonia face economic hardship



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On the international day of the eradication of poverty, in North Macedonia, more and more citizens are facing economic instability or are close to the poverty threshold.

The cost of living has become almost unaffordable even for the middle class, while the poorest class cannot meet even the minimum living conditions.

“I live alone, expenses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner cost me at least 1000 to 1200 denars. Food has become more expensive, cheese has increased by 400 denars, bread, eggs and fruits and vegetables have also increased. It is impossible for a family with 4-5 members to make it at the end of the month” – said a Macedonian citizen.

For senior citizen, Shefi Shemshedini, the planting of a few types of vegetables in his garden, has provided him with some help in coping with the current crisis.

He has a family of 12 members, most of whom are unemployed.

“I don’t know how much we can spend because in the village we make half of the products ourselves. If we were to buy every product, with the 200 euro pension I receive, I don’t even have enough for electricity and water. In addition to the pension that I receive, my daughter is sick, my wife does not work anywhere, only my pension and the others are unemployed, none of them work…” – he said.

The civil sector requires urgent long-term measures to help citizens who have economic difficulties and the participation of citizens in the creation of policies to improve the general quality of life.

According to the latest data provided by the State Statistics Agency, in 2020 in North Macedonia, over 450 000 citizens live below the poverty line.




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