Berisha: Government set up boards to raise prices

Leader of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha

The leader of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha said the boards set up by the government have turned into ‘bloodsucking mechanisms’ used to increase prices.

“The boards working on the count of the government and oligarchs have turned into bloodsucking mechanisms to increase prices. These boards have become exponents of the wild extortion of the Albanian people. There is no other possible way or reason why products in Albania cost 107% more than the EU average”, Berisha said.

“How can the price of oil in Albania compare to that in Finland, Sweden when salaries here are 8 times lower”, he added.

Speaking about the July 7 protest, Berisha said the demonstration aims to defend citizens’ interests.

“The protest is steered by the Front for the Salvation of Albania. I have faith that opposition parties will join the protest”, he said.