Berisha reveals nominee for the new mayor of Durres

Former PM Sali Berisha from rally in Sukth / Euronews Albania

This Sunday, Sali Berisha has revealed the nominee for the new mayor of Durres in the upcoming local by-elections set to take place on March 6. This candidate would be representing Berisha’s coalition with SMI and other smaller parties dubbed the ‘Home of Freedom’.

Berisha’s nominee for Durres was Ardian Muka, an engineer by profession who has been working as chair of the Department of Urbanism and Infrastructures at DP’s Durres branch.

In a rally organized in Sukth today, former PM Sali Berisha accused the government of turning Durres into a ‘concrete jungle’.

Berisha also spoke about a recent project to build the new port of Porto Romano, which according to the former PM was part of a greater corrupt scheme.

‘Lulzim Basha and Edi Rama are the ones who benefit from this, whereas 12 000 families that make a living through various port activities will have a lot to lose from this corrupt affair that threatens their living,” – said Berisha, adding that Rama and Basha are planning to turn an area of 800-thousand-square meters into a private enterprise for their money laundering business.