British Columbia reports on the departure of doctors from Albania



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The highest number of doctors leaving Albania is in the year 2019, this has happened for are a lot of reasons, but in 50.7% they referred to the economic factor, 26.7% to continue education.

Germany remains the main destination for Albanian doctors.

In 2021, it turns out that 53.3% of the doctors who left are now employed in Germany.

23.7% in Italy, 14.3% in the USA, 9% in the United Kingdom, 3.3% in France, 2.7% in Canada and less than 2% in Greece and Switzerland.

37 years-old is the average age of doctors who left Albania, to work in another country.

52.8% of Albanian doctors who left do not think of returning to Albania, the main reasons according to the study are corruption, social injustice and physical insecurity.

31.6% say they have not decided and only 15% want to return to their country.

With the departure of doctors Albania has a small number of doctors at the service of citizens. The data from 2022 show that Albania ranks after Kosovo for the smallest number of doctors per inhabitant.

In Albania, there are 188 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants, this number lower than that of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia or Serbia.




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