DP slams Berisha’s coalition: a symbol of corruption and old politics

DP's headquarters in Tirana / Credits: LSA

Berisha’s coalition with Meta and Ndoka symbolizes corruption, old politics, and fake news, stated the Democratic Party leadership through a recent statement published immediately after the news of Berisha’s coalition with SMI was confirmed.

In this statement, the Democratic Party openly attacked the coalition’s candidate for mayor in Diber, Premtim Kryemadhi. According to DP, Kryemadhi is the husband of one of the prosecutors who investigated the infamous case no. 184 – which included DP’s denouncement of vote-rigging incidents in Diber.

Earlier today, the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) submitted their request to enter a coalition with Berisha in the upcoming by-elections on March 6.

The agreement signed by Sali Berisha and Monika Kryemadhi, clearly states that Berisha’s ‘Refoundation Commission’ will be the political leader of the coalition dubbed ‘Home of Freedom’.

On Sunday, Berisha’s DP faction held their primaries to elect the candidates that will be running on the March 6 by-elections.