‘DP will be destroyed’, Berisha recounts conversation with Basha after his public designation

DP leader Sali Berisha and former DP leader Lulzim Basha

Democratic Party leader, Sali Berisha told Euronews Albania about the conversation he had with former DP leader, Lulzim Basha, after his public designation by the United States government.

Berisha said that Basha told him that the Democratic Party will be destroyed if he decides to still sit in Parliament.

However, according to Berisha, everything is a battle for the truth and DP today, is still a party and it’s far from being destroyed.

“This is a battle for the truth. At one point, Lulzim Basha told me that DP would be destroyed if I didn’t agree to never enter parliament again. My response was: A party that accepts a lie over the truth doesn’t deserve to exist and I’m sharing this with you also. I was very honest when I told [Basha] this. But he later used this and accused me of being this brutal leader who accepts to have his party destroyed. But the party is still here. A party that accepts lies is nothing but a national misfortune,” – said Berisha.