DP’s Russian funding, Manjani: The money didn’t enter Albania. What’s there to prove?

Former Minister of Justice Ylli Manjani, has reacted after the publication of the news that Russia had secretly funded, through allegedly transferring around $500 thousand dollars back in 2017, at the time when Lulzim Basha was party chairman.

In an interview for Euronews Albania, Manjani emphasized that no official document has been procured which proves that the money entered Albania.

Furthermore, the former minister stated that the only thing left to prove is the financing of a contract that Basha concluded on behalf of the DP with an American company.

“It has not been proven in any official document that this money ever entered Albania. What has remained unverified is the issue of how the funding for a lobbying contract was secured, for which Lulzim Basha paid a consulting company in America on behalf of the DP but not for the benefits of the DP. An investigation was launched in Albania regarding this issue; an investigation that has now been closed, not as a result of what Basha has said, but because of a lack of evidence. The official testimony of Nik Muzini never came to the Albanian Prosecution. That’s the essence of it,” said Manjani.

Moreover, Manjani added that the public is not clear about what happened to the contract that Basha signed with Nik Muzin.

Russia is said to have secretly transferred over $300 million to foreign political parties, leaders and politicians in over 24 countries around the world since 2014.

The news was reported by the BBC, which cites sources of the American administration, who themselves refer to a report of the US intelligence services.