Former Albanian footballer recounts ‘91 match against Feyenoord in Tirana

Former Albanian professional football player Artur Lekbello / Euroneews Albania

Artur Lekbello, a former player for Albania’s national team and the local Partizani, recounted on Wednesday moments from the match against Feyenoord in Tirana back in 1991.

“Feyenoord is a team with a great reputation and it obliges you to get mobilized,” – Lekbello said in an interview for Euronews Albania.

The former player said the Dutch team found Albania in a state of ruin, shortly after the fall of the Communist regime.

Lekbello remembered that at the time, the team began distributing aid to the locals.

“They came to an Albania who had just come out of Communist, Feyenoord found Albania in ruins. They were touched by that as they understand the pain of the Albanians and the players themselves started to hand out supplies to the citizens”.

Lekbello does not believe there will be problems with their fans and even predicted how the match could potentially unfold.

“If Feyenoord scores first, I think they could play up to 120 minutes. If Roma scores first, I think the math will wrap up within 90’ minutes. The Italians are the masters of dragging the game, while Feyenoord players are more moderate”, he said.

However, final matches are unpredictable, he added.

Feyenoord did not score any goals when it played against Partizani in Tirana back in 1991 for the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.