German MP: If Bulgaria doesn’t lift veto, Albania should part ways with N.Macedonia

German MP Peter Beyer from CDU during visit to Tirana, Albania.

If Bulgaria doesn’t back down from its veto on North Macedonia, Albania should decouple in order to continue its process of negotiations with the EU.

This was the stance held by German MP Peter Beyer from CDU.

In a closing conference during his visit in Tirana, Beyer maintained that none of the two countries should hold the other hostage.

“We’re faced with an embarrassing situation for the European Union which is what’s happening with Bulgaria. Albania shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences. We’ve reached a point when the situation must be untangled and this is why I call on Bulgaria to withdraw its blockade. If the veto isn’t lifted, let us part Albania’s way with North Macedonia,” – he said.

While commenting on the Open Balkan initiative, Beyer said that every form of regional cooperation is positive but it should in no way duplicate the Berlin Process.