High voter turnout recorded in Shkodra

Euronews Albania's correspondent in Shkodra, Teodor Gjerga

Voting in Shkodra began at 8 AM, as Democrats flocked to the polls to elect who will represent them at the by-elections.

Voters will choose the candidate listed by the faction of the Democratic Party led by Sali Berisha.

At least 50 voters showed up as soon as polls opened, with many others waiting in line, reported Euronews Albania’s correspondent Teodor Gjerga.

Berisha presented 6 candidates in Shkodra, namely Alfred Kosobashi Arben Maliqi, Astrit Bushati, Bardh Spahia, Irena Shestani Shala, and Irma Kopliku Alushi.

On Saturday, the acting mayor of Shkodra Voltana Ademi announced she would not run for another term.

“Due to this post, and previous public positions bestowed on me, but also due to my decades-long engagement with the Democratic Party, I have decided not to participate in the primaries due on January 30. In my judgment, I would be entering the race with an advantage in front of other colleagues, as per the reasons mentioned above”, wrote Ademi on Facebook.

Recently, Ademi had joined Sali Berisha’s faction at the Democratic Party.