Italian archeologist from culture ministry referred to Bylis as Greek, claims historian

Historian Neritan Ceka claims an Italian archeologist employed by Culture Ministry referred to ancient Bylis as Greek / Euronews Albania

A document compiled by an Italian archeologist and released for public use by the Ministry of Culture claims that the ancient city of Bylis was in fact Greek.

The archeologist was allegedly employed by the culture ministry.

Archeologist Neritan Ceka denounced this finding, adding that it is an abuse to the €6 million fond accorded by the European Union for the ancient city located between southern Illyria and Epirus.

Remains from the ancient city of Bylis / Wikimedia commons

He fears that this would have far-reaching consequences for the entire region and cultural tourism.

Ceka elaborated on two hypotheses why the Bologna-based archeologist arrived to this conclusion.

“One is mentality; for a Westerner, every theater belongs to the Greeks. This inspired the Italian archeologist to come to this conclusion after seeing a theater”, said Ceka.

“The second is somewhat easier. We’ve proposed building a modern museum with ancient objects. For someone coming from Bologna, this is other-worldly, as he refers to us as archaic. He says Bylis was built by the Greeks so he’s against the idea of having such a museum”, continued Ceka.

According to the senior archeologist, the project was suspended after the Institute of Archeology raised the alarm and rejected the document.