Meet the American volunteer who fell in love with Albania and doesn’t want to leave



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Cecilia McGill, a volunteer from the United States, has been living and working in Gjirokastër for several weeks, with a good will to contribute to the city.

She said she has found hospitable people and a warm environment.

“I am in Albania to work for the US Peace Corps, I am here to help and support the municipality of Gjirokastër. I really like Gjirokastër, it is a very nice city, the people are pleasant, Albania is very nice, they are very professional, intelligent people, I like Albanians very much,” she told Euronews Albania.

The American volunteer has gained a very good experience of cooperation in Albania both professionally and personally.

Cecilia even extended an invitation to her compatriots as well as tourists from different countries to come and visit the fascinating city of Gjirokastër.

“Gjirokastër is a very hospitable place, a very suitable place to stay, I encourage many people to come and see what Gjirokastër has to offer,” she added.

Although she has worked on different continents and in different countries, she highlighted Albania as a friendly, hospitable country with hardworking and dedicated people in their profession.

“As for the work, the people here in Gjirokastër are very hardworking, they are individuals who greatly respect their work. I have worked in many different countries and so I can make a difference and I can say that the people here are very hardworking individuals,” she emphasized.

Thanks to the charm and current experience, the volunteer expressed her desire to extend her stay and contribution to Gjirokastër.

“I like to stay here and extend my stay here, and the reason I would want to extend it is that Gjirokastër is a very beautiful city, the food is very good, the people are hospitable, generous, and very respectful,” said McGill.