‘Millions of euros for oligarchs’, Salianji: The anti-crisis package leaves students out

Democratic MP, Ervin Salianji on Euronews Albania

During an interview for Euronews Albania, Democratic MP Ervin Salianji spoke about the anti-crisis package presented recently by the government.

Salianji said that many categories have been left out in this package, mentioning students as one of the most vulnerable categories.

As for retirees, the Democratic MP underlined that the government needs to pay more attention, because the prices in the country have increased tremendously.

“As for the anti-crisis package, a complete focus on retirees is absolutely needed. We also have students who are not even mentioned at all. This is not the right way to deal with this situation.

We have proposed an alternative, but in our democratic system the opposition cannot improve governance. We are saying that there should be less taxation, more oil price reduction… We have millions of euros currently being wasted on oligarchs. We are saying what the citizens feel because we represent their voices”, argued Salianji.