‘Modern day slaves’, ILO: Albania does not allow soldiers to resign

Albania has abolished compulsory military service since 2008, but voluntary service in the Armed Forces against payment is also considered a form of modern slavery.

This was an assessment made by the International Labor Organization, which ranks Albania in the list of a few countries that do not allow the resignation of career soldiers even in times of peace. In this list are countries like Egypt, Uganda and Malaysia.

According to a 2014 directive of the Ministry of Defense, the employment contracts of career soldiers are 6 years. Within this period, they cannot resign or leave. In case of violation, they may face criminal prosecution.

The organization says the right of career soldiers to resign in peacetime within a reasonable time is enshrined in the Convention on Fundamental Human Rights.

Regarding the situation at a global scale, the Organization noted in its report that the number of people considered modern slaves, who are in a professional relationship or a forced marriage has increased by 10 million in the last 5 years, reaching a record figure of 50 million.