People from the government violated the law, claims Tabaku over incinerator affair

Democrat MP and head of the Inquiry Commission on the incinerator affair, Jorida Tabaku

Socialist parliamentarian Eduart Shalsi compared the role of the inquiry commission, a parliamentary body tasked to investigate the incinerator affair, to that of a prosecutor.

He accused commission chair Jorida Tabaku of being ‘biased’ and of undermining the investigation.

Tabaku took a hit back at Shalsi, claiming that he is “the last person on earth who can raise such accusations”.

The Democrat MP also maintained that those who violated the law are part of the government today.

“I asked my Socialist colleagues, and Mr. Shalsi, to stop acting as political shields to those who violate the law. Today, those who stepped on the law are being summoned by SPAK. These people are from the government”, she said in a press conference on Friday.

The inquiry commission is composed of MPs from both the Socialist and Democrat camps in parliament.

According to a ground investigation, none of the three incinerators is actually functional, even though the money has already been accorded by the government.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, Tirana mayor Erion Veliaj and several other high-ranking officials are expected to take the witness stand by next week.

After gathering all evidence, the commission will compile a report that will then be submitted to parliament.

Bar graph shows 42% of Albanians agree that government should resign if allegations on incinerators prove true

In a recent Barometer poll, 42% of Albanians believe the government should resign if the affair proves true.

On the other hand, another 40% think the opposite – that the government, shouldn’t in fact resign.