PM Rama proposes draft for creation of Association on solving crisis in Kosovo



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Prime Minister Edi Rama announced this Thursday that he has drawn up a draft regarding the creation of the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority in the North of Kosovo.

According to the head of the government, the plan has been submitted to international partners and is waiting to be accepted by Pristina and Belgrade.

According to Rama, this plan will de-escalate the situation and normalize Kosovo’s relationship with the international community.

“Yesterday, I forwarded to President Macron and Chancellor Scholz, who are the two godfathers of the Franco-German proposal, a draft of the association, for which I informed the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, as well as the American side. It is a draft prepared by the highest level American and European experts for a long time, which was done just in case this day would come, when the parties and in this case, for me, the position of Kosovo and not of Serbia, I repeat, it does what it has done and other times, the parties cannot even agree on who should write this text and no longer agree on what the text should contain.

Of course, this is a confidential document which, without question, does not claim to be the ideal solution, but I assure you that it is a document of the highest international level that takes into account all the reasons for the creation of the association and definitely takes into account that the association is part of the organization of life in the Republic of Kosovo by addressing all the recommendations or conclusions of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo

I wish and hope that this material will be useful to take the dialogue to another level and to make the parties talk about concrete things, things related to the successful conclusion of the dialogue and not to talk to themselves and about themselves”, Rama during the press conference on situation in north Kosovo.

Also Prime Minister Rama described the Association as the key to the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations.

“I have known for a long time that the Gordian knot would be until the end of the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority and I am convinced that none of the parties want it and will do their best to push it to infinity by maintaining the crisis with all kinds of artifice. I believe that the creation of the Association is the key to opening the door to the international affirmation of Kosovo, its seat in the United Nations”, said Prime Minister Edi Rama.



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