Prosecutors ask court to sentence Tahiri to 12 years in prison   

Former minister of interior, Saimir Tahiri

Prosecutors have asked the court to sentence former interior minister Saimir Tahiri, to 12 years in prison, who would then benefit from a shorter sentence of up to 8 years.

Tahiri’s hearing is taking place today at the Special District Court in Tirana.

In September 2019, Tirana’s Criminal Court convicted the former minister for ‘abuse of power’, sentencing him to 5 years in prison – a verdict which was annulled following a higher court order, which converted Tahiri’s sentence to 3-years-probation.

Tahiri was also accused of ‘narcotics trafficking’ in collaboration with a structured criminal group, but these charges were also dismissed in court.

The Special Appeals Court against Corruption and Organized Crime is now asking to have Tahiri acquitted on all counts, but this decision is facing resistance from the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution (SPAK), who is insisting to have the ex-minister sentenced over drug-trafficking charges.