Rama calls for an energy-saving awareness campaign: Let’s educate our children

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama has once again drawn attention to the issue of energy saving as he attended the inauguration ceremony of the “Andrea Stefani” school in the capital city.

“The classrooms of these new schools have a lighting technology that is energy-saving and that turns on and off automatically. This helps relieve this great burden, but it is not enough. Children should be educated in all schools first, and the children then turn into advisors of their parents in their own homes,” said Rama.a

The Prime Minister also spoke about the necessity of not wasting any unnecessary energy.

The “Andrea Stefani” school will welcome students from the community living in the area of ​​Astir and Dogana in Tirana.

According to Rama, the students who study in these schools, the teachers who work here and the parents who interact with them, will be able to experience the same standards as schools in the European Union.