British woman involved in Albanian’s businessmen murder arrested



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This Saturday, 4 of the 6 people wanted as participants in the murder of businessmen Ardian Nikulaj in Shengjin were arrested.

Initially, the British police arrested Edmond Haxhian, Stephen Hunt and Thomas Mithan. Also the arrest of Harriet Bridgeman is already confirmed. Her role in the group was that of an observer. In the footage of the security cameras, the girl who stayed at the hotel in Shengjin was noticed.

Meanwhile, Edmond Haxhia with Albanian and British citizenship, is the son of the uncle of Elton and Klodian Lestakaj, who 7 years ago accused Ardian Nikulaj and Arben Nikulaj of killing two of their family members.

The only ones who have not yet been put in handcuffs are Harry Simson, the British and Portuguese citizen who allegedly executed the plan to kill Ruben Saraiva.




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