Will Berisha allow protesters to storm the Prime Minister’s Office?

Leader of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha

The Democratic Party called for a nationwide protest to take place at 7 PM Tirana on July 7.

In a press conference from the party’s headquarters, its leader Sali Berisha was asked whether he will allow protesters to storm into the Prime Minister’s Office.

Berisha said the opposition is made up of several parties, hence they would have to decide about that together.

“Edi Rama is the only prime minister that runs away before the protest even starts. It’s true. He’s never stayed in during protests”, Berisha said.

“We’re part of an opposition front, isn’t just me. I am only an actor on this front and decisions are taken together”, he added.

Berisha said he expects collaboration with Ilir Meta and the Socialist Movement for Integration, soon after the president steps down, in order to overthrow PM Rama.

He said the Democratic Party is open to cooperation with all political forces that believe the current government is ‘hostile to Albanians’.

‘Aligned with Vucic and Putin’

Regarding the remarks of PM Edi Rama in Brussels, Berisha said the prime minister showed that he has aligned with Vucic and Putin.

According to Berisha, there was no reason to hold a joint press conference with Vucic, when the latter has already opened negotiations with the EU.

“In Brussels, he proved to be a representative of the trilateral alliance. He clearly showed to have aligned with the Balkans of Belgrade and Putin, not that of Berlin and Brussels”.