“Tirana was not chosen by chance”, Rama ahead of the summit: We played our role to arrive here

Ahead of the summit of European and Western Balkan leaders in Tirana, Prime Minister Edi Rama held a press conference earlier this Sunday.

Rama said that the capital city was not chosen by chance as the hosting place where the summit will be held.

According to him, December 6 is a historic date for Albania.

“I must modestly say that we have played our part to come to this turning point and have given a series of proofs that we are ready to be evaluated and considered differently, and here I mean not just Albania, but the Western Balkans as a whole,” –  says Rama. 

The Prime Minister added that they are preparing for the summit, to play the role again as Albania and as a region.

“The European Union is not a structure, it is not an institution, it is not a force that reacts like the strongman in the neighborhood, on the contrary, it is important to be right and know how to convey the message about what belongs to you in an understandable way, clearly and rightly and undoubtedly your voice will be heard sooner or later, but in this case sooner than later,” said Rama.