Social resistance package, Erion Brace: Why don’t the salaries of firefighters increase?

Photo of Socialist MP Erion Brace in Parliament

After the announcement of the resistance package by the government on Thursday, the Socialist Party MP, Erion Braçe, expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that firefighters won’t benefit from a salary increase.

“What about the firefighters?! What about their salaries?! It is very good that the salaries of the state police officers are increasing. Very good that they increased the salaries of prison police officers. Earlier in the year, the salaries of armed forces and soldiers were increased. What about firefighter salaries, why not? It’s the hardest, heaviest, most dangerous job I’ve seen this summer. Those boys and men should be insured, well-paid and safe for their families”, Brace wrote on Facebook.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Edi Rama declared that salaries for the public administration, State Police and Prison Police will increase.

The head of the Albanian government underlined that the minimum wage will increase to 34 thousand ALL.